I lost my grandfather to cancer and it was probably one of the most devastating things to watch. Yes, I was a little thing and not really old enough to really understand what was going on, but I still remember the look in my grandmother's and my father's eyes when it happened.

Knowing that someone I love reading, Sommer Marsden, is going through the same thing just breaks my heart. So, when I heard that there was a little blog train forming as a fund-raiser, I jumped right on there.

So, the first part. A snog.


  1. verb kiss and caress amorously.
  2. noun an act or spell of amorous kissing and caressing.

Kissing is always a lovely part about writing. I like the strong kisses that steal your breath away. I also love the ones where you are pinned to the wall, helpless to do anything but submit.

This is from my story Caught by the Landlord:

Chase froze instantly, his breath locked in his lungs and his entire body rock still. Ice poured through his veins and his heartbeat pounded against his ears, but he couldn't remember how to move. Instead, he stared slack-jawed at his landlord, wondering if he heard Mr. Kirdan right.

The older man cocked his head. “I say that wrong? Not clear?”

“I-I think so. I wasn't sure what you meant to say.” Chase' voice felt tiny and helpless, but his body was rapidly growing hotter with every second.

The Russian sighed. “I think you would be very pretty in this dress—”

He held up the dress and the world spun around Chase.

“—and I would very much liking to see you on your knees between my legs. Is that clear?”

Sweat prickled Chase's brow. He clutched the side of the door. “Yes, very clear,” he whispered.


But Chase couldn't move from his spot. He let out his breath in a soft whimper and remained staring at the man in his living room.

“No?” Mr. Kirdan frowned and sighed. “Sorry, I was being too forward, right? I am not good at being subtle.”

“No! No.” Chase shook his head. “No, I just don't know why.”

Mr. Kirdan stood up, the muscles of his legs and back flexing as he did. He straightened and gestured to Chase. “I not see you going out at night or bringing friends in, so Yuri is hoping that you are curious and willing to give an old man a chance to see a pretty boy in a dress again. And this is a pretty dress for a pretty boy.”

“It's… my sister's,” Chase said in a quiet whisper.

Mr. Kirdan, Yuri, stood up. His boots thumped on the ground as he covered the distance between them. When he stopped in front of Chase, he stood a foot taller than the trembling man. With a grin, he leaned over and closed the door before bringing both large hands to the seam of Chase's robe.

Chase whimpered and clutched them tightly. But when Yuri tugged the robe apart, the fabric slipped underneath his grip. And then there was cool air teasing along Chase's thighs and stomach. The breeze brought a renewed surged of heat on his cock and it tented out from his body, straining the trooper thong and pulling way from his body.

Yuri's gaze slid down Chase's body and Chase felt a tremor follow it. He wanted to run away, fall into Yuri's arms, or simply stand there, but nothing happened. He watched as Yuri's eyes lingered on his cock, which caused it to jump with sudden beats, before drawing down.

“You wear your sister clothes often? Or her kolgotki or panties?”

A blush burned along Chase's cheeks. He didn't know the Russian word, but he guessed it meant corset or pantyhose. “No.”

“Good, because you look very pretty in them.” Yuri's voice was a low rumble. He released one side of the robe and trailed his fingers along Chase's shoulder up to his neck. The touch of it brought another wave of heat that coursed between the touch and his aching cock. “I like pretty boys.”

Yuri's palm cupped Chase's chin and tilted it up. Chase didn't resist and leaned into it, letting the more powerful man guide his gaze up. Yuri lowered his head to brush his lips against Chase's. They tasted like smoked meat and musk.

Chase's eyes fluttered as he leaned into the kiss. As much as he loved men, he never had anyone like Yuri pay attention to him. Most of his former boyfriends were the same as him, slender men and delicate-looking. The relationships never lasted, none of them liked cross-dressing, but they also never started with any intensity like the kiss.

Breaking the caress, Yuri pulled back. “You taste pretty too.”

Chase blushed and smiled. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Yuri released his grip on Chase's chin. His rough knuckles drew down Chase's hairless chest, trailing a lazy line down to the straining pantyhose.

Chase's cock jumped at his thoughts, stretching the pantyhose and almost tearing the thong from his body. He wanted Yuri's touch, craved it, but was also terrified about how easily he was melting in the older man's request.

Drawing his fingers down, Yuri circled the strained fabric. When he drew back his finger, a clear strand of pre-cum that had soaked through the fabric clung to his digit. He pulled it away before looking back up at Chase. “Will you do this for Yuri? Put on a pretty dress for me?”

Chase's breath came in a soft whimpers.


“Is… is this…”

Yuri's eyes hardened for a moment. “This is not about your rent. Your rent is paid for month. This is separate, not a deal. You say no, then I walk away. But,” Yuri's face turned into a grin, “I'm hoping for yes.”

Chase took a deep breath and released it. No one ever asked him to dress up before. He let out his breath and gave a shy smile. “Y…”

Yuri's eyes widened.


Now, the more literal person on the Snog page might say a story isn't a book. And… they are right. So, I'm going to make this a book. For some random and (hopefully) lucky person who comments here, I'm going to give the entire Rent Check series as it is written. There are going to be at least five parts with “Caught” being the first and “Humiliated” the second. It's all cross-dressing submission between a big Russian and the pretty boy who is falling for him.

Or, if you'd rather pick either one novel or three stories from Curious Cabbit, I'll give that instead. Choices, they are a lovely thing, aren't they?

Now, I also have a mailing list and it has no one on it. So, I'm also going to give the same prize to a random subscriber on my list.

And, please check out the rest of the Snog for Sommer authors and maybe donate a little time and money to help a classy gal!