Caught by the Landlord

Chase has always been a closeted cross-dresser with a shopping problem. He could never resist a pretty thong or dress. But when his addiction prevents him from paying his rent, he’s put in a position of asking Yuri, his Russian landlord, for help. When he finds out that the landlord has a thing for pretty boys wearing dresses, he ends up asking on his knees.

“Caught by the Landlord” is an erotic story of 9,000 words and introduces the beginning of Chase’s and Yuri’s relationship as the two men find love in each others arms. It is both romantic and graphic as Chase explores his submissive desires while he craves the loving ownership of his landlord. Primary themes include cross-dressing, submission, rimming, and oral worship.

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  • Words: 8,853
  • Point of View: Submissive Male
  • Scenes: MM oral, MM oral anal
  • Keywords: Gay, Rimming, Cross-Dressing, Landlords, Under Table Deals, Rent Payments, Corsets, Mini-Dress, Pantyhose, Storm Trooper, Thong


  1. Packages
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Speaking Clearly
  4. Dressing Up
  5. Branding
  6. Cleaning Up
  7. Something New