Privacy is a difficult topic on the Internet, more so for sites like this. I don't want to know when or how you are reading the site because it is none of my business. This is one reason there are no comments on stories, no advertising that doesn't originate from here, or even cookies.

What preferences we have are stored locally in your browser. I don't know them, except for when you try to log in since I need to protect some of my content, but after logging in, the credentials are stored locally and hopefully just work until the password changes. There is no confirmation on a page-by-page basis either since we just use those stored credentials to decrypt the AES block that contains the locked-down content.

If you want to see what I am storing on your site, you can go into the developer tools of your browser (usually F12), then type localStorage. You can also use the network tab to see that we don't use cookies at all.

The only times I know you are visiting the site is the HTTP server logs, which has the URL you requested and the IPv4 address. I make no special effort to save those and happily let them but I do need to keep them for a short while because I use a program to detect when someone is trying to break into my passwords (though you have to test about 1.340781e+154 URLs in less than twenty-four hours for a file name that changes every day).

Also, if you attempt to contact me, then I'll have that information. That isn't to say, don't. Please do contact me, I love feedback and talking about my stories and most of the time, no one even tells me they are reading it (and I don't make a habit of looking at access logs).