Chase yawned as he staggered out of the bathroom and down the hallway. His shoulder bumped against the wall and he scraped himself along the glossy paint for a few steps before he pried himself off to stumble through the door into his bedroom.

He made it a few steps before he spotted his black dress hanging off the end of the bed. Less than twenty-four hours after he got it, it had been soaked in cum. Now, the drying streaks along the black fabric brought a smile to his lips and a warmth gathering along his freshly-shaved cock.

The night had started poorly when Yuri, his landlord, came pounding on his door demanding the overdue rent. When Chase couldn't explain that he spent his money on his dirty secret, dresses, Yuri invited himself in and found out himself. Instead of evicting him, the Russian landlord had admitted to a secret of his own: he wanted to see Chase in his newest dress and on his knees between the larger man's thighs.

That was six short hours ago and Chase felt the exhaustion dragging on every movement. After Yuri left with a drain cock and a smile, Chase sat on the couch and tried to comprehend the rapid changes in his life. In less than a few hours, he had licked a huge cock from tip to balls. And then, though he never considered it before, he had rimmed Yuri until the large man came again.

Chase lifted his fingers to his lips, remembering how it felt to be painted by Yuri's cum. He smiled and dropped his other hand to his underwear. The plain white fabric was already strained by his cock. His knees trembled as he ran his palm along the hard length, tracing his excitement with slow steps.

His eyes closed, but as he was doing so, he spotted the clock. He only had twenty minutes to leave the apartment if he was going to be on time for work.

He tried to pull his hand away from his shaft, but the image of Yuri's massive length rose in his mind. Unlike Chase's reasonable length, Yuri had a thick tower of heat and strength. It was wider than Chase's wrist and he could still remember the silky hardness underneath his grip.

Last night, Chase tried to get his mouth over the top of it but couldn't even reach the thick ridge with his lips. Yuri said that he loved to face-fuck pretty boys, but Chase struggled to take even a few inches. If the entire thing was pounding into him, he didn't think he could take it.

In his palm, his cock jumped with his thoughts. He wanted to take it. He needed to feel Yuri's cock driving into his mouth, his throat, and his ass. He wanted to surrender everything to the large man who so easily dominated him with nothing more than a promise of a rent-free month and an order to kneel.

He whimpered and glanced at the clock. Only eighteen minutes before he had to go.

Turning his gaze back to his dress, he whimpered and then grabbed it. Stripping off his underwear, he threw himself back on the bed and grabbed his aching length with one hand. With his other, he brought the silky dress up and slid his length along a crease. As soon as he could, he wrapped both hands in the stained fabric and pumped hard.

With only a few hours parting the actual event, he could still remember the sensation of pressing his cheek to Yuri's cock and drinking in the smell. The musky tang hovered right on the edges of his senses, a rapidly fading memory that still held the intensity of the moment. His cock drooled into the dress, soaking the fabric, and giving him lubrication to pump faster and harder.

His stomach and back clenched rhythmically with his thrust. He tried to imagine what it would feel like to be face-fucked by Yuri. The huge cock prying his jaw open and the tightness of his throat. He struggled with the image and the sharp edge of excitement began to fade.

Whimpering, he glanced at the clock. Only fourteen minutes left.

Rolling over, he lifted his ass in the air and spread his legs. Yuri would like that, seeing his tight hole ready to take his length. His cock surged to full hardness and he curled his toes at the pleasure that rippled along his length.

He continued to pump his shaft with his ruined dress. The pleasure built as he imagined Yuri's rough hands at his buttocks as the Russian spread his cheeks. He wondered what it would feel like to have a hot breath against his clenching asshole or along the wrinkles of his balls. Before last night, he would have never thought about rimming, but now he craved to feel the strong lips against his puckered asshole or a rough sucking of his balls.

His orgasm rose inside him, a searing hot explosion that tightened every muscle in his body. He released one hand and reached back, eyes tight as he tried to imagine it was Yuri's finger circling his ass. The tight muscle spasmed as he caressed it. He teased along the opening as he continued to pump into the dress. The wet slicking sound rose up from underneath him from the cum-soaked fabric. Every scrape against his length added more pleasure building inside him.

Gulping, he pressed one finger against his asshole. It was tight and resisting, but he tapped against it with more determination until he felt it easing around him.

The first penetration of his finger ripped a moan from his throat. He planted his face in the pillow and pretended it was Yuri holding him down. His finger thrust harder, driving by Chase's desire, and he felt the muscle slid down to his first knuckle.

The sensation of being pried open brought him almost to the edge. A flood of pre-cum soaked through his dress and he felt it seeping around his fingers.

Biting down on the pillow, he released the dress and reached back with his other hand. The slick fingers joined his drier ones and he began to thrust one wet finger into his ass, working between the two until both hands were sticky and slick.

He continued to thrust with his hips, driving his cock into the dress and against the mattress. He tried to imagine Yuri's cock fucking him, but the cock was too large for his body and too much for his mind to take in all at once. He had to experience it again.

The idea of having Yuri buried to his balls pushed Chase to the edge. He imagined feeling the hardness clear in his guts and swelling his stomach and his cock exploded. Hot jets of cum poured into his mattress as he fucked himself with two alternating fingers driving in and out of his tight ass.

Screaming into his pillow, he jammed his two fingers in as far as they would go and slumped to the bed. His entire body shuddered as he finished coming into his ruined dress, soaking the fabric completely and the mattress below it.

With a sigh, he eased his fingers out from the tight opening. He grinned and opened his eyes, focusing on the clock.

He was two minutes late.