Icy wind cut through Ty's thin scarf and slashed at his face. He shivered and jammed his hands deeper into his pockets, afraid to pull them out and expose his bare fingers to the cold. For the third time since he got off the bus, he promised he'd go to the nearest consignment store and buy a pair of the warmest mittens he could find. He heard that mittens were warmer, though humiliating.

Even the clutch of college students around him wasn't enough to protect his body from the chill. They were chatting and laughing as they headed to the student dorms. None of them paid attention to him, just a random college boy heading back to the dorms. As the crowd passed fraternity and sorority buildings, a few peeled off for their homes or just a quick visit with friends. With each departure, a little more wind buffeted Ty and the cold seeped deeper into his bones.

Ty distracted himself by thinking about sex. He wasn't a virgin, but it had been a long time since he enjoyed anything other than gay porn on the computer and the company of his right hand. But, the idea of a quick jerk sounded like the perfect way to warm up. He grinned and his cock twitched with his thoughts.

Even through his pants, he could feel his balls grinding tight to his body as nature tried to keep him warm. It was his favorite time to masturbate, with numb fingers and tightly wrinkled testicles. It almost felt like someone else's cock in his hand at those times, the cold giving just enough distance that it wasn't the familiar six inches he was pumping.

His thoughts didn't warm him up, but they kept him occupied until he reached the twelve-story dorms that made up the bulk of the student housing. Ty lived in the Habis Building, one of the older buildings, and suffered with a radiator that rang out in the middle of the night and the smell of mold that emanated the rooms. At least it had new windows. He cut through the parking lot of coffee shop and trudged through the ankle-high slush to shave a few freezing seconds to the warmth of his dorm.


He stopped at his name. He knew his roommate's voice even over the howling wind. Turning around, he winced when the wind buffeted his face, but thankfully Matt was downwind of him and he didn't have to stare long into the blustery blast.

Matt, a tall boy from Nebraska got his ride on a basketball scholarship. He was muscular but slender, a stark contrast to Ty's five foot three and thin body. Matt didn't bother wearing a hat and his short brown hair rippled in the wind. Ty wondered if Nebraska was somehow closer to the north pole than he thought.

As roommates went, Matt was a good match for Ty. They were from opposite sides of the country, but they shared many interests including music and movies. It made it easier to get used to living in a small room with a stranger.

Ty smiled and tried to flag Matt without pulling his hands out, but it came out as more than a shoulder shrug.

Matt vaulted over a low wall of bricks and landed hard. His tennis shoes disappeared into the slush, but he didn't seem to notice as he strode over to Ty. “Ty! Ty!”

Ty waited, exhaling hard to watch the fog form around his head before the wind ripped it away.

Matt slid the last few feet to a stop. “Hey, I thought it was you.” He spoke with a deep voice, which somehow fit with his large brown eyes and broad shoulders. Matt wore a thin windbreaker despite the cold and the fabric rippled loudly as the wind tugged at it.

“Yeah, but it's a bit cold.” Ty smiled and scrunched his shoulders as he shivered.

Matt looked him over. “Still too cold for you?”

“Unlike some people, I don't have polar bear blood in my veins.”

With a smirk, Matt said, “I hope so. I mean, I do play for the Polars. Hey, speaking of which, gonna make the game this weekend?”

Still shivering, Ty nodded sharply.

Matt hefted up his gym bag over his shoulder. “Say, why are you back? Don't you have class?”

“Teacher sent the TA and said it was colder than Mary's tit and he wasn't going to show up.”

“Mary's… tit?”

Ty rolled his eyes. “Probably some theological thing, I don't understand half of what that man says.”

Matt patted Ty on the shoulder. “Well, get inside and warm. There is still some hot coffee on my desk. It's that Burmese Orange stuff you like.”

“Oh! Thank you.”

Then, as if he didn't have a care in the world, Matt turned and strode down the street toward the bus stop. His shoes splashed through the slush but his long legs easily carried him away.

Ty watched and felt anticipation growing. He didn't get much time alone and he was still horny. His original plans of jerking off in the bathroom had just changed in an instant to the more comfortable privacy of the dorm room. At least there, he didn't have to play music to mask the slurping noises.

Turning around, he hurried to the dorm.