Remarkably, the fourth book of “The Russian Landlord” series, Exposed by the Landlord took me a little time to edit. It was a smaller piece than the previous one and a lot let plotty-goodness, but it does have some really hot scene including a plug shoved into Chase's cute little ass in public and, more importantly, the point that Yuri finally gets said cute ass the way they both want it.

With my current plans, there are going to be three more books in the series after this:

  • Gagged by the Landlord
  • Shared by the Landlord
  • Evicted by the Landlord

Hopefully, you'll figure out what Gagged is about. It is the one hole left in poor Chase's body that Yuri hasn't stuffed with his lovely cock.

Shared? Well… both Teased and Exposed both give a hint of where that is coming.