Hello, my lovelies. I've been on a kick this last week and posted the third story in what used to be the “Rent Checks” series. I figured since all of the names are going to be “… by the Landlord”, I decided to rename the series to “The Russian Landlord” to tie it together better.

Teased by the Landlord is a rather hot build-up of Chase's and Yuri's relationship and also gives a hint of where I'm going with this series. It also continues the doubt that I established in Humiliated by the Landlord but not quite as much. It does, on the other hand, have lots of toys, masturbation, and dressing in a sexy jean skirt. Not to mention, lots of humiliation when Yuri takes Chase to an adult story to buy him a few new toys.

Enjoy! I love to know what you think!