Well, apparently I've been in a book for a little gay fucking lately. Yesterday, I published a shorter story (only 5.5k words) called Pack Dominance. It is about a dominance fight between two werewolves. This is the first time I've written paranormal erotica and the first time the point of view is of the dominate instead of the submissive.

I love werewolves. I love that they rip their clothes off to transform and most of them are just muscles and powerful. They have a driving need to fuck and fight and nothing else matters. I'll admit, Bitch Boy in the story is somewhat me though. I just had this story in my head but I suspect there is going to be quite a few more stories coming out of this. Including, maybe a tentacle one.

That doesn't mean I'm stopping Rent Checks (The “by the Landlord” series). I'm currently working on “Exposed by the Landlord” which has some tender scenes but also one really hot humiliation scene by Yuri. And I can't wait, but this needed to get out of my head.

Like Humiliated by the Landlord, this is a Kindle-only publication until January. I don't know how many people prefer Smashwords over Kindle (I do but I get less sales on Smashwords), but my plan is to only do this until the end of the year. Call it “questioning” about the process, but I'll decide then if I'm a Kindle fanboi or spread the love.

If you have questions or want to comment, please send me an email at contact@ddancer.com or comment on the blog.