It's taken me a while to get this next story out, but Humiliated by the Landlord is finally published. This is the second part of the Rent Checks series starting with Caught by the Landlord and continues Chase's relationship with his Russian landlord, Yuri.

I've never really written a series before, which makes this an interesting experience. The characters involved are fun and I love the idea of a slender cross-dresser being completely dominated by a large, older man. Of course, my “size queen” tendencies also seem to be showing. I really, really love large cocks. Yummy.

This story has a lot of rimming, fucking, and cum spraying everywhere. Not to mention cross-dressing and humiliation (if you can't guess from the title).

Another first is that I haven't uploaded this to Smashwords. I decided to try enrolling this in KDP to try it out after so much changed (read, Kindle Unlimited). Not entirely sure if this is going to work, but it does mean I can get to make it free a couple times over the next ninety days.

And… tomorrow (Saturday, October 25, 2014) is the first freebie day. So, if you are paying attention to this, you have a chance of picking it up for free. If you have Kindle Prime, please wait a day and then go through it; I get paid that way which makes life a little happier for me.

But, I can't really tell you what to do.