A few weeks ago, I submitted Under the Desk to the E-Read Erotica Reviews. I figured it was a long shot, I've never had a review of anything and I'm just getting started.

To my surprise, it was actually a very good review and a wonderful stroke to my ego.

It’s an interesting Bauhaus style effect and design, and someone has been feeling post-modern and artsy I see.

I loved this start. Bauhaus is a major influence of mine, thanks to art history classes. There is something about the bold letters that just makes me happy. Plus, I didn't want to worry about Amazon's filtering about the covers. As much as I want to put a sexy ass in a mini-skirt (mm, cross-dressing) on the cover, I went with this instead.

...I would have loved some quality reaction time after the first encounter when our male secretary got home…

Yeah, I originally did too. My original version of the story had Chris being forced to cross-dress and Phyllis taking him out clothes shopping. There were some moments of him fearing it, but it didn't quite fit as well when I took the cross-dressing out.

... makes me want to write another version of the story with it back in.

Very nice work on this book, and a strong recommend to fans of male/male dom-sub action with plenty of heat. I loved the setup to this one, it felt real, like there were real people and consequences involved, and the setting was very well done with plenty of little details to entertain our senses (even smells and lighting, nice job). Even to fans outside the genre, this is a recommend, since it gets a lot of the small details and setup right for a short story of this length. Very nicely done, with plenty of heat and dominant action, and this is one I enjoyed.

Yeah, I've been jumping up an down all idea, with a thousand little sexy ideas jumping through my head. Reviews like this make me want to write more stories.