So, here is the beginning of what I hope will be a fascinating journey into writing.

What is there to say about me? I like cock. Or, more importantly, I've been lusting after it for as long as I remember. Sadly, it isn't something I get a lot of, but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about it in the long night hours.

Life has put me in a little farming town in the middle of Iowa. I'm happy here, but there is a quiet little part of me that tractors, cows, and bars can't satisfy. I dream of being shoved face-down into my bed and fucked in the ass. When I'm heading along the gravel-lined farm roads with corn on both side, I'm thinking about getting tied up with my hands behind my back and my mouth open.

Since I can't enjoy it in “real life,” I want to write about it. It may be a little rough at first, but I think you'll be enjoying a lot of hot stories of cock and submission before you realize it.