Under the Desk

Chris had been a dutiful worker on a toy factory for three years. He punched his clock, did his work, and went home alone. Forced to work in silence, his thoughts grew toward curiosity of his blossoming sexuality and the realization that he found men attractive, not women. Videos helped him find his submissive side, but in a small rural town, he couldn’t do anything besides watch videos and dream.

Until one day when a chance meeting with the boss’ retiring secretary sent him up to the third floor and a private meeting with the man who ruled the company with a firm hand. And when he was finally offered a new job, as the boss’ new secretary, he found that the duties involved a lot more than just filling out paperwork. He would be doing most of it bent over a desk or kneeling under it while servicing the man dedicated to saving the factory from closing.

“Under the Desk” is a 11,000 word story of gay submission set in the office of a small town factory. It contains graphic scenes of oral and anal sex, cock and ball worship, and consensual submission between two men.

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  • Words: 10,604
  • Point of View: Submissive Male
  • Scenes: MM oral, MM oral anal


  1. The Line
  2. The Offer
  3. The Acceptance
  4. The Deal