Teased by the Landlord

Chase’s second date started with an order to show up at his Russian landlord’s door wearing a black dress and a thong. But, their previous dates left Chase exhausted that even a night of loving wasn’t enough to keep him awake. But, will his landlord forgive him for standing him up, or is a pair of toys going to be his only company for a long time?

“Teased by the Landlord” is an erotic story of 12,000 words and continues the growing relationship between Chase and Yuri, a cross-dressing tenant and the landlord of his apartment. It is both romantic and graphic as Chase explores his submissive desires while he craves the loving relationship of his landlord. Primary themes include cross-dressing, submission, toys, and solo play.

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  • Words: 11,587
  • Point of View: Submissive Male
  • Scenes: M-solo, M-solo, MM oral anal, MM
  • Keywords: Gay, Dildo, Cross-Dressing, Landlord, Hand Job, Skirt, Exhibitionism


  1. Caught
  2. Opening Up
  3. 3B
  4. A Trip
  5. Teasing
  6. The Store