Pack Dominance

Raccor was the beta for the North Chicago Pack, a group of gay werewolves who prowled the night, partied, and fought with equal enthusiasm. And, as the beta, it was his job to answer the phone when the pack’s weakest member frantically calls up saying he was being followed. The last thing Raccor expected was an intruder in the pack’s den, a young werewolf trying to prove himself by stealing the submissive member for his own carnal needs. Defending the pack was Raccor’s other duty and now he had a brash invader who needed to learn his position, on his knees in front of Raccor.

“Pack Dominance” is an erotic story of 5,500 words and introduces the various tales of the Northern Chicago Pack and their various members. It focuses on the dominance and reluctant submission among the werewolves.

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  • Words: 5,304
  • Point of View: Dominate Male Werewolf
  • Scenes: MM reluc anal, M+ oral
  • Keywords: Gay, Oral, Submission, Werewolf, Anal, Dominance, Transformation


  1. The Call
  2. The Intruder
  3. The Order
  4. The Alpha