Getting Inside

Ever since he got to college and moved into the dorm rooms, Ty hasn’t had a chance to enjoy a little quiet time. So when the teacher canceled class on a blustery cold day, Ty jumped at the opportunity to crawl into bed and get himself in hand. But, even that wasn’t enough and he decided to try out his toy again and see if he could finally get it inside him. But, before he could, his roommate came back…

“Getting Inside” is a 9,000 word story of gay toy play and getting help from a more experienced lover. It contains graphic scenes of oral and anal sex along with toy play in a safe, consensual environment.

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  • Words: 8,735
  • Point of View: Single Male
  • Scenes: M-solo anal, MM anal cons


  1. Cold as Hell
  2. Too Tight
  3. A Hard Lesson
  4. Showing Off
  5. Toy Shopping
  6. Something Bigger
  7. Something Hotter