Heading Out

Chase’s heart pounded as he stepped out of the adult store and into the bright light of a summer morning. The warm air washed over him, caressing his face and reaching up underneath his denim skirt. It tickled against his inner thigh and along the drying cum that clung to his skin.

With a blush, he stepped out from the opening so the door closed behind him. As he did, he almost bumped into an older man who was walking his small shih tzo.

“Out of the way…” The old man’s eyes widened and then he shook his head angrily. “Bitch.”

Chase flushed hotly and looked away. He wasn’t sure if the old man saw him as a woman or a cross-dressing man, but either way, he felt exposed by the brief angry gaze. He peeked at the old man as the man stormed away muttering. Chase felt more naked than ever before.

The door behind Chase creaked open and there was a thump against his buttocks.

Gasping, Chase jumped and spun around, his cheeks burning. It took only a moment to focus on Yuri’s bulk in the door of the story. The thump came from the plastic bag of dildos and butt plugs that he had just bought.

Yuri stepped out and his wire-rimmed glasses sparkled in the sun. He had a smile on his lips as he continued forward until the heavy weight of his purchases thumped against the ridge of Chase’s cock underneath his skirt. “I like that.”

Blushing hotly, Chase pressed a hand against the front of his skirt. He could feel the heat of his cock seeping through the fabric, a moisture that tickled his palm. He wanted to curl his fingers around it, to jack himself into his panties once again. The black fabric wasn’t going to survive the day anyways, it was already soaked in enough cum to be forever stained.

Yuri leaned into Chase, the hand holding the bag pressing against his hip.

Chase fought the urge to step back. Instead he raised his head to enjoy the sensation of Yuri looming over him, the larger man easily dwarfing his delicate form. He felt helpless next to Yuri, a wonderful sense of vulnerability that pooled between his legs and sent his cock throbbing.

Yuri’s bag thumped harder, the heavy rubber butt plugs sending an impact through his body. “You be looking beautiful.”

Chase blushed and lifted his head higher, bringing his lips to Yuri.

The Russian kissed Chase, lightly at first, but then strongly. His lips parted Chase’s as his tongue flashed along his nerves.

The world spun around Chase as he reached out for Yuri, pressing his palms against his muscular chest for balance. He loved the feel of silken steel of Yuri’s pectorals and the way it flexed underneath his palm.

Yuri pulled back with a moan. “Very good.”

Chase’s attention was drawn to the thick ridge of Yuri’s cock. It was already straining the jeans and there was the hint of a wet spot. Both of them had been teasing each other pretty hard, but while Chase had multiple orgasms ruining his thong, Yuri had the steel will to only leak into his pants.

With a soft gasp, Chase thought about pulling open the jeans. It would be sticky and slick, smelling of the perfect man and heated. Gulping, he felt a welcoming throb in his own skirt. “Y-Yuri?”

“Yes, my kotyonok?”

Chase opened his mouth to say something, then frowned. “Kot… yonok?”

“In Russian means kitten.”

“And blyat?”

Yuri grinned and kissed him again. “Not mean kitten. Mean bitch.”

Chase welcomed the throb of heat that coursed down his back and pooled in his balls. A fresh dribble of pre-cum soaked into his jeans.

“Can also mean whore, slut, and…” Yuri leaned forward, his close beard scraping against Chase’s soft cheek. His breath washed over Chase’s ears before he continued, “fuck-hole.”

Chase whimpered. “Can we just get home?”

Yuri’s eyes twinkled. “Why, kotyonok?”

Sweat gathered on Chase’s brow. He glanced around but there was no one close. Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward so Yuri’s trapped cock ground into his stomach. “Because I want you to fuck me.”

Yuri’s smile grew wider.

“Hard.” Chase gasped, the spinning around him accelerating as he felt the heat searing at his thighs, ass, and cock. He almost came from it only. “I want you to fuck me hard, really hard.”

Lowering his head, Yuri kissed him. “After lunch.”

Chase whimpered. “After… but, I’m… now?”

Yuri stepped back and gestured to the car. “We have much time today. And you’ll need some food before…” He hefted the bags meaningfully.

Even though he didn’t want to wait, Chase nodded. He sighed and rested his head against Yuri’s powerful chest. “I want to come so badly right now.”

Yuri wrapped one arm around him. “Be trusting me, you’ll be coming.”

There was something about Yuri’s tone that stopped Chase. He looked up but could only see a sly smile and a twinkle in the intense blue eyes of his landlord. “Yuri?”

Releasing him, Yuri stepped away and to the passenger side of the car.

Chase followed. “Yuri?”

At the door, Yuri opened it and looked back at him. “Do you trust me?”

A nod. Chase inched closer and leaned against the door.

“And do you like it when you come for Yuri?”

Chase stopped halfway on his seat, his head dangerously close to the thick ridge of Yuri’s cock. He glanced at it, remembering how the thick veins felt his palm or the massive head trying to shove into his asshole. His own cock jumped at his thoughts, a heat flash of pre-cum dribbling down his length to cling to his balls. “Yes,” he moaned.

“Then come.”

Chase whimpered and almost came at the soft word.

Yuri leaned down, pulling his crotch away from Chase. He kissed the panting man on the lips for a moment and then set the heavy bag between his legs. When he drew up, his fingertips caressed Chase’s shin and thigh before sliding up underneath the skirt.

Chase’s breath froze in his throat as a blast of heat coursed through him. His entire world centered on the thick fingers that caressed his balls and shaft through the cum-soaked panties. He shivered as the heat boiled up and his length twitched with need.

Yuri chuckled as he drew his hand up and down the shaft, a light touch that belayed his strength.

“I’m… I’m going to…”

Pulling back, Yuri brought his hand from between Chase’s thighs. The tips of his fingertips glistened with Chase’s juices. He lifted them into the sunlight and twisted his hand.

Chase panted, his lips parted, as he stared at the evidence of his excitement. His body shuddered as he fought his orgasm, he couldn’t remember how many times he came that day but he knew that he had left a stain in his skirt and maybe even Yuri’s seat.

With a deep breath, he leaned forward and opened his mouth further. A burn of humiliation flashed through him, reminding him that he was about to suck on the fingers of another man in full public. At the same time, it only added to the white-hot intensity of his growing orgasm.

Yuri chuckled and shook his head. “No, you need to recover more time.”

To Chase’s surprise, he brought his fingers to his own mouth and sucked them clean. When he pulled them out, the skin glittered with his saliva.

“Come, my kotyonok, time for lunch.”

The sharp edge of Chase’s orgasm faded but he felt the ache remain. With a whimper, he could only stare as Yuri closed the door shut and headed around the car. There was no mistaking that he was just as turned on, the patch of moisture was visible even through the windshield, but Yuri said nothing as he got into his side of the car and started it up.