Exposed by the Landlord

Chase’s second date continues after a brief trip to an adult store to pick up some toys. Yuri’s next stop will take them to the strangest diner Chase had ever seen, a 50’s style place playing death metal and Yuri’s leering cousin, Sergei. Chase is left to wonder why Yuri wanted him to go there and why did the Russian landlord need to bring their new purchases into the building.

“Exposed by the Landlord” is an erotic story of 11,000 words of Chase’s and Yuri’s relationship as the two men find love in each others arms.. It is both romantic and graphic as Chase explores his submissive desires while he craves the loving ownership of his landlord. Primary themes include cross-dressing, submission, toys, and finally getting what Chase always wanted.

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  • Words: 10,402
  • Point of View: Submissive Male
  • Scenes: MM, MM anal toy, MM oral anal


  1. Heading Out
  2. Sergei’s
  3. Yuri’s Apartment
  4. Two in the Morning